The Alentejo owns treasures discretely and harmoniously set in the landscape, ready to be found by the persons who enjoy the deep pleasure of discovery.

Conceived by half-day excursions and departure from Évora, our thematic and personalized tours give you the possibility to appreciate the valuable heritage of Alentejo guided by our experts, always considering your particular interests.

Get to know our routes and know that…

In Alentejo, you will find time for happiness!

World Heritage City, where is well preserved a unique combination of architectural marks from different periods and cultures of the last two thousand years.

A tour discovering the Escoural Cave (occasionally closed) with its paintings and engravings on rocks, the Dolmen-Chapel of S. Brissos, the Dolmen of Zambujeiro, the Menir and Cromlech of Almendres.

Is a small Medieval Fortress untouched, with its walls once alert to the Guadiana river and its Doors open to a breathless view, where the Fresco of the Judge and the parish Church surprises us, among other interesting details.

Has the Ducal Palace of the Braganza, Kings of Portugal from 1640 up to 1910, showing a collection of painting, furniture, tapestry, porcelain, carriages y armoury, among others also important, where it is possible to revive the court ambience of the portuguese aristocracy.

Over the plane of south Alentejo, keeps memories of romans, visigoths and arabs who made it an important centre of the region. Birthplace of the future king D. Manuel I, here his mother founded one of the most important Convents of Portugal, today Regional Museum, where Sister Mariana Alcoforado wrote the famous Portuguese Letters.

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